Solutions For Your People – The Sophia Framework (Brain Optimization & Psychotechnologies)

Smart people make mistakes and those mistakes tend to be costly. We have always been interested in learning how to improve our own performance and decrease the number of mistakes we made. We also wanted to improve as individuals and maximize our potential. To accomplish this, we partnered up with a leading scientists from the University of Toronto, Dr. John Vervaeke, Leonardo Ferraro, and Anderson Todd to develop The Sophia Framework.

The Sophia Framework is a system of personal cultivation and development, designed to help you maximize your abilities and optimize your performance. It is a psychotechnology: a set of mental skills that you can learn and master, embedded in a theoretical landscape that helps you troubleshoot your own cognition and think better. The Sophia Framework doesn’t just work to expand your personal abilities, it helps you enhance your ability to work well with others, improving the overall health and effectiveness of entire organizations.

In collaboration with Dr. John Vervaeke, Leonardo Ferraro, and Anderson Todd, we have developed The Sophia Framework. The Sophia Framework draws on the latest research in Neuroscience, Organizational Psychology, Machine Learning, and Cognitive Science to produce a system of training and development that enhances the skills and capabilities of your people – both as individuals and as a synergistic group. Proven research is taken from the lab and translated into practical know-how that you can apply to the fast-paced real-world of today’s volatile and unpredictable marketplace.

Think of The Sophia Framework as a manual for the brain; a coupling of psychotechnologies engineered to help you RISE and become wiser.

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Benefits of Brain Optimization:

Improved Rationality

Improved Problem Solving

Improved Thinking and Learning

Improved Insight


Improved Self-Regulation

Improved Empathy