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For many years, we have been helping companies with documenting their business processes so that their organizations can run as efficiently and as error-free as possible. In our experience, the North American business culture tends to have the attitude of “just get it done”, with the emphasis on the end-result and not the process. Sure, occasionally  “winging it” can yield spectacular results, but a methodical approach to business with focus on process documentation and improvement, knowledge transfer, and quality leads to consistent results.

The specific tool we use for business process management is called ViFlow. It is a simple tool that does one task really well – process documentation. You do not need an engineering or statistics degree to use it and optional training takes only two days. To provide our users peace of mind, we offer a maintenance package where the users not only get free product upgrades, but can call us with process-related questions. Some clients choose to hire us to document their processes for them, as involving a third-party can improve the buy-in company-wide. Over the years, ViFlow Process Models have been used by one million business people in 41 countries.

Just to highlight the importance of ViFlow and what you can do with it, there are over 140 hospitals and clinics in Germany that used it to obtain their ISO 9001 certification. In many parts of Europe, for a hospital to receive funding from the government, it has to be ISO certified. The rigor of ISO certification ensures that an organization runs as efficiently as possible in an environment of transparency, with employees knowing what needs to be done in what order and ensuring quality and document control. In a hospital setting, what this translates to is decreased patient wait times and improved patient experience.

This is just one small but significant example of how ViFlow can be used, but it has been deployed in nearly all industries.

Benefits of Business Process Management:

  • Company-wide understanding of how, when and why something needs to be done

  • Decreased expenses and increased profits

  • Decreased employee training and on-boarding time

  • Improved quality

  • Improved document control

  • Shortened ISO certification time-frames

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