Cloud, Infrastructure, & Managed Services


We assist clients with creating a cloud strategy, and moving the appropriate IT resources to the cloud. This may include virtual machines hosted in Azure or AWS, Microsoft 365 licenses, cloud backup, CRM, VOIP, etc. In certain scenarios, especially with legacy apps, cloud may not be the right solution for you.


If you feel that your network is slow or your Internet seems to cut out, give us a call. Many organizations have issues with their infrastructure, and by the time that they notice, productivity has been lost, and frustration has soared. When infrastructure is optimized, you are almost unaware of its existence, and things just work without disruptions. Budget permitting, we like to build in some redundancy, such as having an extra switch, or high-availability firewall.

Managed Services

If you do not have a dedicated IT administrator on staff, we can handle all of the IT issues for you. We can manage your email, computer deployments, user setup, etc. If you have dedicated IT resources, we can assist them as needed, and lend a helping hand.

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